DIY Natural Deodorant

Do natural deodorants really work?

Yes! And I’m converted. 100%

When I was in school, being sweaty was a constant worry.

My secondary school uniform consisted of a light blue shirt and a nice sweaty nylon knitted jumper to wear over the top – in my eyes, a cruel choice!

My main memory of that uniform is how pretty much from April, my arms would be tightly clamped to my sides to prevent those utterly embarrassing sweat patches from seeing the light of day. This, of course, just made me sweat more – my own horribly embarrassing catch 22.

Anyway, since then, I’ve always just automatically opted for the super strength antiperspirant as I assumed I was still a “sweaty” person.

Until now!

I’ve been using my own DIY deodorant for the past few weeks and… I don’t smell!! Seriously, my husband has been doing random “pit sniff checks” to make sure.

An unexpected positive out if this, and I don’t know if it’s directly connected, but the amount I actually sweat has dramatically reduced.

I’m also feeling good about not putting unnecessary nasties on my skin.

Why I’ve fallen out of love with anti-perspirants AKA the science bit!

So, I’ve known for a while that completely blocking up your pores with aluminium to prevent sweating isn’t very good for you and can actually be quite harmful to your body.

I’ve pretty much just been pushing this to the back of my head as I wanted to have a sweat free life!

However, I’ve recently discovered that some scientists have claimed antiperspirants have links to Breast Cancer (sciencey link). There’s still more research to be done to prove if there is a direct link, but this information was scary enough for me to start looking into other methods of controlling my BO!

I did some research on how body odour occurs and found that sweat itself doesn’t actually cause body odour (some of you may already know this, but for me, it was big news. Here’s the link if you’re not aware). The smell is actually the “output” (make of this what you will) of the bacteria that live in our armpits breaking down protein into acids in the sweat.

So, in order to stop BO you need to create a bacteria “hostile environment” on your pits to stop them from wanting to reside there, breaking down the sweat.

How to create a naturally “hostile environment” for the bacteria in your pits.

Natural deodorants do not block your pores, meaning they will allow you to sweat, but will prevent any smelliness afterwards.

They work by helping to restrict / remove this bacteria therefore reducing (or eliminating) the smell.

They do this by using a few ingredients that are:

1- Antibacterial (stop the bacteria from being able to set up shop)

2- Deodorising (removing any smells that may occur from the odd hardcore bacteria that’s still able to chomp up that sweat).

My recipe below to make your own natural deodorant includes both of these ingredients and is really effective. Trust me.

What to expect when changing to a natural deodorant

So, I have tried and tested my recipe (below) with the help of my lovely husband AKA the Official Pit Sniffer.

As I’ve said previously, I am super sensitive to being smelly and would not be advocating this deodorant if I wasn’t 100% happy with the results! so, here’s how it went.

Day 1

On the first day I stopped wearing antiperspirant and changed to this recipe, I did sweat a lot. Like, a lot more than usual. I was working from home so it wasn’t too bad, but I was pretty sweaty. Not smelly though! Just sweaty.

From what I’ve researched this is normal and is your body almost “purging” it’s self after being clogged up for so long (science link).

So I persisted.

Day 2

The following day I was back to normal sweat levels – the same as when I used antiperspirants and commercial deodorants. Turns out I’m not as sweaty a person as I thought I was, it was just the antiperspirants convincing me I was!

I wasn’t really sweaty and didn’t smell – winner.

Days 3 -7

Over the next week or so I subjected my poor husband to random “pit checks” and every one came up trumps. No smell.

I even went to two gigs and wasn’t smelly afterwards.

So that’s it. ‘m converted.

How to make your own effective natural deodorant

You will need:

  • A resalable jar or tub
  • 1/4 Cup of Bicarbonate of Soda – Deodorising
  • 1/4 Cup of Cornflour
  • 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  • 5-10 Drops of Essential Oil of your choice (I used 5 drops
    of tea tree and 5 drops of lemongrass) – Antibacterial

Optional oils for a smoother texture

  • 1tsp Sweet Almond Oil
  • 1/4 tsp Jojoba Oil


  1. Measure out the Bicarbonate of Soda, Cornflour and coconut oil into a bowl (if you’re going for the smoother texture, add the oils in here too)
  2. Melt in the microwave in 30 second intervals until the mixture has completely melted
  3. Leave to cool slightly before adding your essential oils.
  4. I used 5 drops of Tea Tree for it’s anti-bacterial properties and 5 drops of Lemongrass for it’s scent!
  5. You can mix up which oils you use, but I would recommend using some with antibacterial properties such as tea tree or lemon as this is what prevents the bacteria from thriving and causing that unwelcome BO! However – I’m not an EO expert, so check before you add anything on your skin that could irritate it. 
  6. Leave the mixture to set in the bowl for a few hours or overnight. You can pop it in the fridge to speed up this process.
  7. Once set, you can either use an electric hand whisk (or a fork would work too) and mix up the deodorant into a creamier consistency. This is up to you how creamy you would like it. If you decide to leave it lumpy, it will still spread fine onto your skin. This is how I have mine.

How to use it

Scoop out around a pea sized amount of the deodorant cream and simply rub it into your armpit.

It may feel a bit scratchy because of the bicarbonate if soda, so don’t rub too much. It’s just needs to be spread over your armpits, it will absorb pretty quickly.

Then just go about your day as normal in the knowledge you won’t have smelly pits!

So, I’m a truly a convert to natural deodorants and would defiantly recommend you give it a try too!

I’d love to know how you get on if you give it ago!!

Emilie x

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  2. Hi Emilie. I am off for a few days now, so totally going to try this. Also I have made the change to shampoo and conditioner bars now, with the first wash this morning. It’s been absolutely fine, plus I have now discovered that diluted cider vinegar with essential oil as a rinse really does make your hair shine!

  3. Keen to try this but wonder about how it effects your clothes. Do you not get oil marks / stains from the coconut oil on your clothes on some fabrics? Thanks

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