DIY Scented Fabric Conditioner

Did you know that most fabric conditioners contain animal fat?

Most of the branded fabric conditioners use an animal derived product called “diydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride”. This is the animal fat which is found around the kidneys of cows and sheep. Gross.

So, for me this was enough of a reason to research a natural (non animal fat based) alternative.

However, I also found some more reasons (not that I needed any more!) why not to use these conventional fabric conditioners.

So, the fats that help soften the clothes also clog up the fabric, meaning they don’t absorb as much water.

This also effects the smells your clothes hold.

The “clogging” (I don’t know if that’s a word, but it does the job!) of your fabrics also means they do not wash as well in the washing machine, meaning they are more likely to lock in those bad smells.

They also use those horrible artificial scents that last way too long for my liking.

So, I had enough ammunition to try out something new!

So, what else can you use to soften your clothes and help them smell good?

My good old friend, White Vinegar is the perfect fabric conditioner.

It cuts through the dirt and soap residue on your clothes, doesn’t effect the absorbency of your and most importantly, does not make your clothes smell like a chip shop!

It also helps to brighten your whites and help remove stains like deodorant marks and makeup.

How to make your own fabric conditioner

You’ll need:

  • 1 resealable bottle (at least 500ml)
  • 500ml of white vinegar
  • 45 drops of your favourite essential oil


    Pour the vinegar into your bottle.

    Drip 45 drops of your favourite essential oil into the bottle. I used Grapefruit as it’s antibacterial and smells really fresh.
    That’s it!

How to use

Just shake it to combine the oils and you can use it exactly the same as the conventional fabric conditioners, but you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re not washing your clothes with stinky animal fat!

I use this with my Soap Nut natural washing powder!

Let me know you you get on if you try this out!

Emilie x

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