10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers

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That feeling of waking up with a heavy stocking at the end of your bed is something that I will never grow out of.

I love filling my husbands stocking for him and usually helping my dad fill my mums!

Stocking fillers can sometimes be marketed as novelty or throw away, but I hope that as you’re reading this you don’t buy into all of that single-use rubbish!!

So, I’ve pulled together a list of my favourite stocking fillers that are either plastic free, reusable, ethically made, sustainable or all of the above!

1. Plastic-free hair ties £3.35

Hair ties are a must for my stocking. These plastic free hair ties are great for the environment and soft on your hair!!

Buy them here – https://www.plasticfreedom.co.uk/product-page/nobbles-hair-bobbles-blonde-tabitha-eve

2. Bamboo Truthbrush £4.50

I love my Truthbruth so much! They are bamboo so can compost in your garden heap (just remove the bristles first!) and you can pick your colour too!

Buy them here – https://www.theplasticfreeshop.co.uk/the-truthbrush—the-beautiful-bamboo-toothbrush—storm-grey—medium-bristles

3. Recycled Bird Feeder £5

These bird feeders are made from recycled plastic and are a great way to put food out for the birds that could have gone to waste. I have two apple trees so this would be fab in my garden!!

Buy them here – https://www.theplasticfreeshop.co.uk/recycled-bird-feed—apple-feeder

4. Organic Bamboo Straws 6 pack £6.00

Reusable straws are always a great to keep a stock of in the house for grabbing before you head out. This 6 pack are organic and made of bamboo so are completely compostable and sustainable!

Buy them here – https://www.theplasticfreeshop.co.uk/bamboo-straw—6-pack-organic-straws-with-cleaning-brush

5. Reusable Nail Varnish Remover Pads £4.50

Nail varnish remover pads are usually made from unsustainably sources, bleached cotton and are single use. These lovely pads are reusable and made of sustainable bamboo!

Buy them here – https://www.peacewiththewild.co.uk/product/tabitha-eve-bamboo-nail-polish-remover-pads-5-pack/#

6. Paper Pot Maker £10.95

This pot maker helps to reduce the amount of plastic pots and trays being used in the spring and helps to reuse old newspapers! Also both pieces of the Paper Potter are turned from FSC certified oak, grown in managed woodlands!

Buy it here – https://www.theplasticfreeshop.co.uk/paper-potter-original

7. Cotton Shower Puff £10

These zero waste shower puffs are a great environmentally-friendly alternative to scratchy plastic puffs.

They’re handmade in the uk and are 100% cotton so can either be recycled or composted at the end if their lives!

You can buy them here – https://www.wearthlondon.com/cotton-shower-puff?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=retarg_7_dynamic_mm

8. Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Strainer £6.20

Loose leaf tea is a new love of mine and a tea strainer is the perfect little stocking filler to get them into loose leaf! It would be great paired with some tea too Suki Tea are my personal favourite at the moment!

Buy it here – https://www.ingreens.co.uk/kitchen/loose-tea/stainless-steel-tea-egg-with-rest-40mm/

9. Yog Nog Glow Stick from Lush £12

If you’re low on ethical stocking fillers, Lush is the place you want to head to. Their naked rage is ever growing and I’m in love with their plastic free, vegan makeup range at the moment!

The staff are SO passionate and knowledgeable so make sure you speak to them when you pop into store and they will sort you out!

You can buy the highlighter online here – https://uk.lush.com/products/all-make/yog-nog-glow-stick

10. Thought Bamboo Socks £18

Socks are always a good choice, especially these Thought super soft and sustainable bamboo beauties!

You can buy them online here – https://www.wearethought.com/winter-fruits-bamboo-sock-gift-pack

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my stocking filler guide and I’ve inspired a few sustainable purchases!

Merry Christmas!

Emilie x

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